14 Tips For Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale

oakland museum white elephant sale14 Tips For Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale.  March 7-8, 2015.

This weekend is the 56th Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale. Find everything from antiques to vintage clothing, art, jewelry, sporting goods, books, household goods, and collectibles of every sort.

If your heart skips a joyous beat at the thought of scouring a 96,000 square foot warehouse for treasures, mark your calendar and make the most of your visit with these 14 Tips For Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale

Admission is free.

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Project Runway Trunk Show

Project Runway Hits BeneciaProject Runway Trunk Show. February 28, 2015.

OMG wait, what, a Project Runway Trunk Show?? Really? Crazy.

True confession: my DVR is permanently (and unapologetically but tinged with a bit of guilt) set to record Project Runway, every show, every season. I am a big fan.

I love the fashion, the drama, the drama queens, and of course Tim Gunn.  So I am beyond excited about today’s post – a Project Runway Trunk Show.

Fashionistas get ready for a rare chance to meet four Project Runway alum, see their designs, and, if you are feeling flush, purchase one of their creations.

Prepare to be wowed.

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7 Chinese New Year Celebrations – Gung Hay Fat Choy

Year of the Sheep7 Chinese New Year Celebrations. February 25 – March 7,2015. San Francisco, Oakland, Redwood City.

2015 is the Year of the Sheep – one of the 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese zodiac.

Those more in the know (ah, everyone) say the Year of the Sheep is a time to use mental abilities over brute force. So global aggressors (I’m looking at you Putin, Boko Haram, ISIS) prepare to be out-maneuvered by strategy and common sense. Looks like this zodiac shift is Just in the nick of time. Of course we do need a strategic leader with common sense. Baaa…..

Ever optimistic, the SF Bay Area is celebrating the Year of the Sheep with street fairs, festivals, parades, noodle pulling, lion dances, museum activities, and more. Most of the events are free and family friendly.

Have fun and Gung Hay Fat Choy.

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6 Tips for San Francisco History Expo 2015


San Francisco History ExpoSan Francisco History Expo 2015. February 28-March 1, 2015.

Let’s face it, not too many of us, native or newbie, know much about San Francisco history.

Admittedly many of us might know the location of the original Ike’s Place. Or why a gold fire hydrant sits on the perimeter of Dolores Park or that The Mission was not always inhabited by techies and hipsters. But there is lot more.

San Francisco’s past is as rich and varied as the people who call it home. This weekend’s San Francisco History Expo is our chance to learn how a small port city became a commercial and cultural giant in less than seven generations.

And in case you were on the fence about attending – all the cool kids are going. Just sayin’.

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Book Signings and Tasting With Pascale Beale

Book Signing and Tasting With Pascale BealeBook Signings and Tasting With Pascale Beale. February 21, 2015 and February 22, 2015.

Foodies, it isn’t often you get the proverbial “second bite of the apple.” But lucky us –  acclaimed cookbook author and food blogger, Pascale Beale, is back in the Bay Area this weekend.

Meet the chef behind the books and blog, grab a signed copy of her books, and enjoy tasting what she does best.

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Free Community Day Celebration @ The Palace of Fine Arts

 Community Day Palace Fine ARtsFree Community Day Celebration @ The Palace of Fine Arts. February 21, 2015.

San Francisco’s beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, the last remnant from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), is ground zero for the year-long celebration of the PPIE’s 100th anniversary.

This Free Community Day Celebration includes:

  • live performances,
  • entertainment,
  • intriguing exhibits,
  • interactive innovation modules,
  • games,
  • arts and art projects,
  • artifacts from the 1915 World’s Fair,
  • eats,
  • a historic light display of the Palace as it was in 1915, and
  • much, much more.

Mark your calendar for a day of exploring history, innovation, music and arts, then, now, and tomorrow.

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7 Tips For Shopping The Adidas Warehouse Sale

Adidas Warehouse Clearance7 Tips For Shopping The Adidas Warehouse Sale. February 19-22 , 2015.

Get ready for four days of savings on Adidas’ signature three stripe athletic footwear, workout apparel, and accessories. All sizes are on sale. Savings up to up to 80% off regular retail.

Mark your calendar and make the most of your shopping with these 7 Tips For Shopping The Adidas Warehouse Sale.

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Presidents’ Day 2015 Parking Rules in SF & Bay Area Transit Tips

 Presidents' Day 2015 Parking & Transit TipsPresidents’ Day 2015 Parking Rules in SF & Bay Area Transit Tips. Monday, February 16, 2015.

Monday, February 16, 2015, is Presidents’ Day. Federal and State offices are closed as well as many workplaces and schools.

San Francisco’s parking rules for Presidents’ Day are a potential trap for residents and visitors. As a community service, here is all you need to know to avoid a punishingly expensive parking ticket, even if you have no parking karma.

Ditching the car and opting for public transit? We have you covered there too.

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Cat’s Pajamas Farewell Warehouse Sale

The-Cats-Pajamas-Warehoue-SaleCat’s Pajamas Farewell Warehouse Sale. February 21-22, 2015.


Wahhh, the Cat’s Pajamas, the paw-some purr-veyor of high-quality, super-cute-whimsical-print PJs,is leaving Berkeley. For good. No kidding.

Before they hit the road pounce on the Cat’s Pajamas Farewell Warehouse Sale. This is your last chance to get great deals on PJs in every style and fabric. Most are selling for $10 to $40.

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Shop Super Sales @ Ligne Roset and Cary Lane


 Shop Super Sales @ Ligne Roset and Cary Lane. Through February 15, 2014.

Nothing says holiday weekend like retailers having a big sale. This weekend is a double whammy with both President’s Day and Valentine’s Day falling at the same time. Retailers are besides themselves unloading merch and you get to reap the benefits. Woot.

You don’t need Deal Tracker to clue you in to check Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Sak’s to find discounts of 50%-70% off on just about everything.

On the other hand, if you are in the market for something a little off the beaten track, today’s post is for you. Here are two sample sales worth tracking.

Ready, Set, Shop.

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