San Francisco Bay Area Aloha Festival

SF Bay Area Aloha Fest

Do you know any San Franciscan not grumbling? It’s that time of year. Mid-summer blues. You too?

Maybe it’s the persistent fog, or: the lack of parking; over crowded Muni; the Giant’s slump; and the only available dinner reservations at 5 or 10. I love this City but I need to get out-of-town. Staycation – no thanks.

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San Francisco Symphony Free Summer Concert

San Francisco Symphony Free Summer ConcertClassical music aficionado? More of a classical music neophyte? Somewhere between? No matter where you are on the classical music spectrum you are sure to have an enjoyable afternoon at the annual San Francisco Symphony Free Summer Concert.

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San Francisco Vintage Paper Fair


SF Vintage Paper FairHistory buffs, decorators and/or retro-revivalists, let the hunt begin. This weekend’s San Francisco Vintage Paper Fair is your chance to find some fun memorabilia or even an elusive hidden gem. Think Antiques Road Show find.

All types of curious, beautiful, and interesting old paper is for sale. Find every price range from real vintage postcards for a quarter to original advertising posters for serious scratch. Continue reading

Hops and History Round 2 With Discount Code

Hops and History

For a palate pleasing history lesson belly up to the bar for Hops and History Round 2.  This 2nd annual event features Bay Area craft beer tasting, historical talks, a panel discussion, home brewing demos, local food vendors, and historical West Coast brewing memorabilia.

Held in the 1874 San Francisco Mint, Hops and History Round 2 continues last year’s sold-out celebration of the unique history and bright future of brewing in the Bay Area.

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Amour Vert | Dear Creatures Sample Sales

Wardrobe Update @ Amour Vert & Dear Creatures Sample Sales

You know it’s time for a wardrobe update when you open your jam-packed closet and discover you have nothing to wear. Or at least nothing you want to wear. Don’t despair.

Today’s post - Amour Vert | Dear Creatures Sample Sales is just the ticket for wardrobe ennui. Great deals on great clothes. Ta ta nothing-to-wear-blues. Continue reading