Daily Archives: December 1, 2017

Shop Unique Wares @ Two Local Holiday Sales

Shop Unique Wares @ Two Local Holiday Sales: Dogpatch Holiday Sale 2017 (December 2, 2017); Urban Air Holiday Market 2017 ( December 3, 2017.)

Ditch the mall and the soul sucking big box stores. Instead shop uniques wares at the Dogpatch Holiday Sale and/or the Urban Air Holiday Market.

Both are well curated marketplaces with local and independent vendors selling unique and sustainable wares from artwork to wine. Oh how lucky we are to live in the Bay Area.

Tips worth repeating for this season of sales: check the websites before going; go early for the best selection; pick a city and go to the sales in that city; bring a bag; bring cash for when credit cards are not accepted; and bring a friend. Because we have so many sales/fairs at the same time strategic planning is a must. If a sale/fair looks interesting make sure you put it on your calendar. Most of these sales are only a day or two and only come around once or twice a year.

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