6 Tips For Shopping Caramel Cantina Warehouse Sale


Caramel Cantina Warehouse Sale. July 30, 2017.

The Caramel Cantina Warehouse Sale is your ticket to huge savings on panties, bras, camis, tanks, shirts, socks, yoga pants, pjs, and more. Prices start at $1.

Shop sizes girls to 3X and maternity. But that’s not all, also on sale are men’s t-shirts. This sale has you covered!

Free admission.


Fave online retailer, Caramel Cantina, is moving. But before they pull up stakes they are looking to lighten their load by selling off last season’s inventory at rock bottom prices.

The Caramel Cantina Warehouse Sale has bargain basement prices that will make your deal tracking heart swoon.

As in:

  • bins and bins of panties/thongs for $1
  • camis for $2
  • bras and sports bras $2
  • chemises $4
  • yoga pants $4
  • pj short sets $4
  • boots $4
  • slippers and sandals $2
  •  girls training bras, shorts, slippers, socks $1, and
  • more!!


Caramel Cantina Warehouse Sale
238 Lawrence Avenue
South San Francisco 94080   MAP

July 30, 2017 10 am ** to 4 pm

**  Note: Want to get in at 9 am?  Go to this Facebook page and RSVP by clicking  “GOING.”

Cash & credit cards accepted (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover.)




  1. Come early. Deal Tracker “duh” but worth repeating especially in this case since you can get early access. Go to this Facebook page and click “going.”  This RSVP will allow you to enter at 9 am instead of 10 am. Expect shoppers to line up long before the doors open. If you want first dibs get there early.
  2. Get the perfect fit. Caramel Cantina has taken the guess-work out of finding the right size. Before you go check out their fit guide to see how they categorize their products.
  3. Leave your heavy oversized purse at home. Stash your cash, credit card, driver’s license, and lightweight reusable bag in your (zippered) jacket pocket. Your shoulders and back will thank you.
  4. Inspect. Look for tears, holes, broken zippers, and signs of poor construction. Flawed but still must have it? Consider politely showing the imperfection to a sales person and inquiring if s/he can help you out on the price. Yup, it’s okay to do this. It never hurts to ask and it’s not personal if they say “no.” But tread lightly –  It is a thin line between a reasonable request and chutzpah…
  5.  Ruthlessly edit. Just because it is a great price does not mean it is a great deal. It is only a great deal if you are going to wear what you buy. It is better to walk away empty-handed than come home with something that is going to sit in your closet with the tags on…
  6. Bring a trusted friend. It helps to have another set of eyes to keep you from making any major fashion faux pas – no returns. Plus if the check-out line is punishingly long you and your BFF can trade-off – one waits in line while the other shops.

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