Sit, Stay, Read!

Toby is a reading buddy!

This post has nothing to do with any deal.  It is part of the Off Topic Tuesday” series and completely and unabashedly about Toby, my two-year old Goldendoodle. So if you are looking for news on a deal tune in later…..

Last week was Toby’s first time as a reading buddy in the SPCA’s Puppy Dog Tales Reading Program. The child reads out loud while the dog listens to the story. The program has a proven track record of increasing confidence and generating excitement about reading.

Spoiler alert: Readers “A+”  ; Toby “D-“

Toby was not interested in any of the stories and not one kid was fooled. They could see he did not care that Clifford really is the biggest, reddest dog in the ‘hood or that Officer Buckle was duped by his dog, Gloria. No, he did not put his paw on the page, excited about what would happen next.

Instead Toby did dog things. He scratched behind his ears (phantom fleas, I swear), got up to sniff the treat bag on the table and squirmed incessantly. Ugh,hopefully not doggie ADD.

When it was time for us to leave I expected Sue, the resource teacher, to tell us “thanks and come back when Toby is ten.” Instead, she calmly said “see you in two weeks.” We could come back! Not wanting to give Sue a chance to reconsider we immediately high tailed it out of the classroom.

Stay tuned for the tale of week two…..

Let me know if your dog volunteers and what s/he does! If you have any questions about the SPCA’s animal assisted therapy program let me know.