Gear Up @ The Spring 2017 North Face Sample Sale

The Spring 2017 North Face Sample Sale. Starts May 24, 2017.

Get ready to gear up for less (wayyyyy less) at the Spring 2017 North Face Sample Sale. Find high quality outerwear, performance wear, footwear, accessories, backpacks, and equipment.

Most of the sample clothing is size medium (women’s medium, men’s medium, and youth medium); women’s sample shoes are size 7 and men’s size 9.


North Face‘s signature line of apparel, equipment, and footwear is well designed and high quality. Outdoor enthusiasts love their performance gear and think nothing of dropping hundreds of dollars on a ski jacket, tent, or hiking boots. Which is why climbers, mountaineers, skiers, snowboarders, endurance runners, and outdoorsy folks flock to The North Face’s bi-annual sample sale.

This year for the first time the Spring 2017 North Face Sample Sale is a pop up store of samples and last season merch. Based on prior year’s sales expect prices a fraction of regular retail.


Spring 2017 North Face Sample Sale @ The Bay Street Emeryville Mall (New Location. The sale is NOT at the Berkeley Outlet Store)
5699 Bay Street
Emeryville 94608

Click here for directions and parking information.

Click here for mall hours.

The sale starts Wednesday May 24th and continues until everything is gone. My insider info is the sale is expected to last until July 5, 2017.


Insight and Tips For The Spring 2017 North Face Sample Sale:

  •  Size matters. Pretty much all the samples are medium, medium, and only medium. Since this is samples you might find a generous medium or a smallish medium so there is some wiggle room. But if you are an extra-large or extra small skip the sale.
  • Come early? Deal Tracker’s mantra for sample sales – come early if you want first dibs –  holds true for Spring 2017 North Face Sample Sale. The issue is – how early is early enough and is lining up long before the store opens worth it? When the sale was at the Berkeley Outlet those pesky re-sellers camped out the night before the sale.These folks come in teams of three or four armed with 40 gallon trash bags. They clear the racks like the grasshoppers on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s prairie. They have one person watch the check out while the rest of the team indiscriminately fills bags and brings the booty to the person in line at the register. And there is nothing we regular folks can do to keep them from snatching up some of the best stuff. But take heart, you can still score great deals. Maybe not the black jacket you hoped for but perhaps a North Face jacket in pink, red, white, brown, or green that is still a great deal.
  • Good things can come to those who wait. At past sales merchandise was re-stocked so consider going to the sale a few days after it starts or even the second week. Also, at past sales even the sample sale prices went lower as the sale progressed (e.g. 25% off the ticketed sample sale price.)
  • Shop with a flinty eye. Everything is sold “as is” and “final sale.” Plus you will not get the fabulous North Face warranty. Consider this the trade-off for great prices (deal with the devil?)
  • Bring a trusted friend. It helps to have another set of eyes to keep you from making any major fashion faux pas. Plus you and your BFF can trade-off – one waits in line while the other shops.
  • Shop hands free. Leave your heavy oversized handbag at home. Stash your cash, credit card, driver’s license, and lightweight reusable bag in your (zippered) jacket pocket. There are only a few mirrors scattered around the store and you will not want to risk leaving your purse on the floor while you try stuff on.
  • Ruthlessly edit. Just because it is a great price does not mean it is a great deal. It is only a great deal if you are going to wear it. If your deal needs alterations it is not a deal. A bad fit means long-term residence in your closet, with the tags attached.
  • Inspect. Look for tears, holes, broken zippers, and signs of poor construction. Remember, no returns. Flawed but still must have it? Consider politely showing the imperfection to a sales person and inquiring if s/he can help you out on the price. Yup, it’s okay to do this. It never hurts to ask and it’s not personal if they say “no.” But tread lightly –  It is a thin line between a reasonable request and chutzpah…
  • All sales are final. No returns. No exchanges. No kidding.
  • Leave your greenbacks home. Pay with debit or credit card only. No cash. No checks. No bitcoin.

The North Face Berkeley Sample Sale

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